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Certification Company offers a wide range of services both in CE certification and International certification. Certification Company can be your Authorised Represenative in Europe, as well as an External Compliance Advisor. You can always ask for advice, guidance and assistance in all matters relating to product safety and worldwide market access.

Our Services

  • Complete CE Certfication
  • International Certification (ISO, FCC, EAC, CSA, CCC)
  • Product classifications to determine if they must comply to the CE marking legislation (free of charge)
  • General CE advice (free of charge)
  • Product Certificates Check to determine their correctness and authenticity
  • Determine which European Directives, Regulations and standards apply
  • Determine the responsibility for manufacturers, importers and distributors
  • European Authorised Representative services
  • Perform Risk Assessments
  • Perform product conformity tests (according to EN, IEC, ISO and other standards)
  • Drafting and verification of Technical Files
  • Verification of product packaging, compliance markings and User Instructions
  • Assist and guide economic operators by obtaining access to International Markets
  • Act on behalf of manufacturers, importers and distributors in the context of market surveillance authorities requests (inspections, enforcements requests and product-recalls)

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