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For our new construction project Produlab Pharma in Raamsdonkveer we were looking for a business partner who would be able to guide and support us in obtaining the CE marking(s). Although the term CE marking is quite a familiar term, this term, however, is by no means commonplace within the construction and installation industry, as a result of which most companies within this field are not familiar with the relevant directives. However, many of our clients, particularly in regard to the Pharma, demand conformity declarations of systems built by us. This issue also arose in regard to the systems we built for our project Produlab Pharma, a factory for the production of liquid and semi-solid veterinary pharmaceuticals. Our client also requested an overall conformity assessment of the machinery and installations (cleanroom). In the selection we were most impressed by Certification Company’s approach and work method. While performing the conformity assessment procedure, they presented us with clear rules and principles for compiling and drafting documents for the purpose of conformity assessment(s). This also goes for the risk inventory which was accompanied, not only by their critical remarks, but also by practical advice on how to conduct a risk inventory within the scope of the relevant directive. Their expertise and support proved to be of great value during the realisation of this project.

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