What is a CE marking?


A CE marking is an important indication of the conformity of a product with the relevant European product legislation. CE stands for Conformité Européenne, feely translated, meaning: in accordance with the European legislation. Please note, however, that a CE-marking on a product merely serves as an indication (not as proof) of its compliance.

What is the purpose of a CE marking?

The CE marking of products enables free trade of products within the European market, regardless whether or not these products have been manufactured in the EEA (the Member States of the European Union plus Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein), in Turkey, or elsewhere. The Member States of the European Economic Area are not allowed to restrict the placement of CE-marked products on the market, unless there is proof of non-compliance of these products with the European legislation.

A CE marking does not imply that a product was manufactured in the EU. This marking simply indicates that the product conforms with the requirements of the EU harmonisation legislation. Therefore, the CE marking can be regarded as essential information to both the authorities of the Member States as to other relevant parties. Just to be clear: a CE marking is not regarded as a marketing tool.

Manufacturers, importers and distributors of non-food products within the EU are legally required to affix a CE marking to these products. However, this is only mandatory for those products for which CE directives and/or regulations have been drafted. Placing products without a CE marking on the market is considered to be a violation of the relevant directives and/or regulations and is regarded as an economic crime under the Commodities Act.

However, affixing a CE marking on products for which no CE directives and/or regulations have been drafted, is also considered a violation. Are you not sure whether it is mandatory to affix a CE marking on your product, please contact one of our experts for a free product classification.

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