What is a EU Declaration of Conformity?


A EU Declaration of Conformity (also called a CE Certificate, EC Declaration of Conformity, or CE Declaration of Conformity) is the document confirming that the product complies with the applicable CE marking directives or regulations. By drawing up and signing the EU Declaration of Conformity, the manufacturer (or, if applicable, the Authorised Representative) becomes responsible for the product’s CE marking process.


Just like the Technical Documentation, the EU Declaration of Conformity must be kept for ten years from the date the product was placed on the market. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer or the Authorised Representative established in the EU to maintain the Declaration of Conformity. If the products are imported, the importer must take responsibility for the CE Declaration of Conformity.

Content of the EU Declaration of Confomity

The Declaration of Conformity should be drafted in accordance with the model declaration set out in Annex III of EU Decision No 768/2008/EC or with a model declaration attached directly to the relevant EU harmonization legislation.

The model declaration in Decision No 768/2008/EC includes:

  1. An identification number of the product; this number does not have to be unique for each product. It can refer to a product, batch, type, or series;
  2. The name and address of the manufacturer or his Authorised Representative who has drawn up the CE Declaration of Conformity;
  3. A statement that the CE Declaration of Conformity is issued under the full responsibility of the manufacturer;
  4. A description on the basis of which the product can be traced; this mainly includes all other relevant information on top of the information mentioned in point 1, describing the product and allowing it to be traced.
  5. All relevant EU harmonisation legislation that has been met and the standards with their references or other technical specifications (such as national technical standards and specifications) in a precise, complete and clear manner;
  6. The name and identification number of the Notified Body, if it was involved in the conformity assessment procedure;
  7. The date of issue of the CE Declaration of Conformity; the signature and job description or equivalent identification of the authorised person.

Important notes

If several CE marking directives and regulations apply to a product, the manufacturer or the Authorised Representative must issue one unique Declaration of Conformity which will list them all.

Several models of one product can be also covered with one EU Declaration of Conformity, if there is no functional difference within model range, but only visual difference (color, size, etc.). If there is functional difference, several DoCs are required.

The EU Declaration of Conformity must be made immediately available on request to the relevant market surveillance authority.

The EU Declaration of Conformity must be translated into the language or languages required by the EU Member State where the product is placed on the market.


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