Product categories that require CE Marking


The question whether the product should bear the CE marking is always in the top-3 queries of economic operators. For a quick check, please have a look at the following product categories that require CE marking:

Chemical industry:

  • Explosives for Civil Uses (request a quote);
  • Pyrotechnics (request a quote);


  • Construction products (CPR) (request a quote);

Consumer goods and personal protection:

  • Toys (request a quote);
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) (request a quote);

Energy efficiency:

  • Eco-design of energy related products (request a quote);

Electrical and electronic engineering:

  • Electromagnetic compatibility (request a quote);
  • Low voltage equipment (request a quote);
  • Radio and telecommunication terminal equipment (request a quote);
  • Hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS) (request a quote);


  • Active implantable medical devices (request a quote);
  • In vitro diagnostic medical devices (request a quote);
  • Medical devices (request a quote);

Measurement technology:

  • Measuring instruments (MID) (request a quote);
  • Non-automatic weight instruments (request a quote);

Machinery and transport:

  • Cableway installations designed to carry persons (request a quote);
  • Equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX) (request a quote);
  • Gas appliances (request a quote);
  • Lifts (request a quote);
  • Machinery (MD) (request a quote);
  • Pressure equipment (PED) (request a quote);
  • Recreational craft (request a quote);
  • Simple pressure vessels (SPVD) (request a quote).

CE marking is NOT required for the following product categories:

Products which fall outside the scope of abovementioned product categories should comply with the General Product Directive (2001/95/EC). This directive requires manufacturers to place only safe products on the market.

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