New Lead Limits for Toys


In August 2016 European Commission published Draft Directive to adopt lead limits for toys under Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC. In order to ensure adequate protection of children, the migration limits from toys or components of toys, for a range of elements, including lead, in dry, liquid and scraped-off toy material will be decreased. Since children are also exposed to lead from sources other than toys, only a certain percentage of the toxicological reference value should be allocated to toys. The entry for lead will be replaced by the following:

Element In dry, brittle, powderlike
or pliable toy material
In liquid or sticky toy
In scraped-off
toy material
Lead (Draft Directive) 2,0 mg/kg 0,5 mg/kg 23 mg/kg
Lead (Current Directive) 13,5 mg/kg 3,4 mg/kg 160 mg/kg
The new draft regulation is expected to be adopted in Q1 2017 and the provisions would take effect 18 months after publication in the Official Journal (Q3 2018).

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