Export to Russia and the EAC marking


Are you a manufacturer and do you want to place industrial equipment or consumer products on the Russian market? In this case you must comply with the relevant Technical Regulations (TR CU) set by EAEU member states after which you may affix the EAC mark (EurAsian Conformity Mark) to your product. The following countries are member states of the EuroAsian Economic Union (EAEU):

The TR CU Regulations

The EAC certification is performed in accordance with the TR CU (Technical Regulations-Customs Union) regulations, in order to ensure compliance with technical, quality, and safety standards. The TR CU Certification is mandatory for almost any industrial, electronic or consumer product imported into Russia.

There are various TR CU directives to be taken into account, but the most common directives in the industrial sector are:

  • TR 004: Low Voltage Equipment
  • TR 010: Machinery and Equipment
  • TR 012: Equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres
  • TR 020: EMC (electromagnetic compatibility of technical devices)
  • TR 032: Pressure Equipment

The EAC conformity documents

Depending on the type of product you wish to place on the Russian market, you must meet the requirements of a specific Technical Regulation procedure and perform the accompanying conformity assessment procedure. Furthermore, in Russia certificates and declarations must be registered by the Federal Service for Accreditation and published on its official website. The EAC Certificates and Declarations both confirm that your products meet the requirements of the relevant Technical Regulations.

There are two types of conformity documents:

EAC Certificate of Conformity (CoC)EAC Declaration of Conformity (DoC)
  • EAC Certificates are issued for high risk products;
  • This conformity procedure is usually more complex than the DoC (Declaration of Conformity) procedure and requires, among others, a quality assessment by a Certification Body, aside from technical documentations, testing by accredited test laboratories, and on-site audits;
  • A Certification Body, situated in one of the EAEU member states, draws up the EAC Certificate of Conformity on a forge-proof form and validates this document by placing its signature and stamp.
  • EAC Declarations are issued for low or medium risk products;
  • This conformity procedure is performed by the manufacturer, importer or Authorised Representative (EAC applicant);
  • The minimum requirements of the relevant technical regulations of the EAEU are taken into account;
  • The manufacturer is responsible for the necessary tests and analysis;
  • The DoC is drawn up, signed and stamped by the applicant;
  • The DoC must be listed in the uniform register of the EAEU.
  • Do you manufacture and export serial products? Then you will benefit from a certificate with a validity of 5 years, enabling you to affix an EAC marking to your product.

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