Export to Russia and the EAC marking


Are you a manufacturer and do you wish to place consumer products and industrial equipment on the market in member states of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU)? You will then need to obtain an EAC marking for your product. This marking will indicate that your product complies with the relevant safety and health requirements, therefore allowing you to place your product on the market of the EAEU country of its arrival.

The following countries are member states of the EuroAsian Economic Union (EAEU): :

  • Russia;
  • Belarus;
  • Kazakhstan;
  • Armenia;
  • Kergezstan

What is an EAC marking?

By affixing an EAC marking to your product, you confirm your product’s compliance with the relevant EAEU product safety and health requirements. Only then it will be allowed to place the product on the market.

The Customs Union Technical Regulation, also referred to as the CU TR, was drawn up by the EAEU. These directives were drawn up when the Customs Union (CU) between Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus was established.

There are various CU TR directives to be taken into account, but the most common directives in the industrial sector are:

  • TR 004: Low Voltage Equipment
  • TR 010: Machinery and Equipment
  • TR 012: Equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres
  • TR 020: EMC (electromagnetic compatibility of technical devices)
  • TR 032: Pressure Equipment

The ins and outs of both EAC conformity procedures (DoC or CoC)

Our experts at Certification Company will be able to assist you from A to Z during the entire certification procedure for your product: compiling documents; determining technical specifications; compiling the technical documentation, or arranging the customs formalities. We will guide you through the whole process. An additional benefit is that we speak Russian and are fully acquainted with the cultural standards and values of the EAEU member states, which greatly facilitates the whole procedure.

There are two types of conformity documents:

  • CU TR DoC: Declaration of Conformity,
  • CU TR CoC: Certificate of Conformity.
    The CoC procedure is more complex and takes more time, because the products subject to this procedure, entail a higher risk for the end-user.

Do you manufacture and export serial products? Then you will benefit from a certificate with a validity of 5 years, enabling you to affix an EAC marking to your product.

We will you assist you from A to Z

Certification Company has Russian speaking experts who are able to guide you during the entire certification process. We will see to it that the abovementioned procedure will proceed smoothly, allowing you to start as soon as possible with exporting your product to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and/or Kyrgyzstan.

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