Decree № 478 and EAC Standards


On 1 January 2021 Decree № 478, issued by the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, entered into force. In accordance with this Decree unified rules are set for registering Declarations of Conformity, barring a few exceptions.

This Decree has come into force only in Russia and do not apply to the other EAEU member states (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan).

The principal changes introduced by Decree No. 478

Are you a manufacturer outside the EAEU and have you obtained an EAC Declaration of Conformity? In accordance with Decree No. 478 your application form for the registration of your DoC must from now on also include the following data:

  • the Unique Enterprise Number (UNP) or
  • the Global Location Number (GLN) – referring to the manufacturing plant, or
  • the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) – for identifying the product of declaration.

Please bear in mind that the automated service for the electronic registration of DoC’s, currently already allows the applicant to enter the GLN and GTIN codes. However, in case the applicant lacks these codes, he will, for now, still be able to register the DoC without these codes.

The applicants for registration of DoC’s must from now on be based within the EAEU. Manufacturers outside the EAEU must appoint Russia-based Authorised Representatives (also known as EAC Applicants), who, by using a digital signature, will be able to register the DoC’s themselves.

Please note that the above mentions amendments apply to all existing TR CUs, with the following exceptions:

  • On the Safety of Railway Rolling Stock (TR CU 001/2011);
  • On Safety of High-Speed Trains (TR CU 002/2011);
  • On the Safety of Rail Transport Infrastructure (TR CU 003/2011);
  • On Safety of Pyrotechnic Products (TR CU 006/2011).

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