Who is responsible for affixing the CE marking?


When a product is required to bear a CE marking, it is the manufacturer’s obligation to affix the marking to the product. By doing so, the manufacturer will confirm the product’s compliance with the health and safety requirements of the European Union.

In case a product is manufactured outside the EU and is placed on the European market by an importer, it is not the manufacturer, but the importer who is responsible for affixing the CE marking. The importer will, by doing so, confirm that the product is safe in accordance with the European legislation.

Responsible for affixing a CE marking?

In case you, being a manufacturer or importer, carry the responsibility for affixing a CE marking to your product, then you may choose to affix it on your own, or engage the assistance of a third party, such as Certification Company. Our specialists are capable of assisting you in two manners: they can guide you through the process of affixing the CE marking, but they can also carry out the entire CE conformity assessment procedure on your behalf.

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In case you choose to assign us with the complete conformity assessment procedure, we will also provide you with the instructions for affixing the CE marking. Should you have any questions, would you prefer advice free of charge? Contact us today!

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