What is a CE standard?


A CE standard is comparable to a CE quality mark, CE marking, CE qualification or a CE attestation. All of these terms serve as a significant indication of the product’s conformity with the EU safety legislation. CE standards are regarded as a reference towards the European (harmonised) standards.

The term “harmonised standard” is defined as follows in the European Regulation nr. 1025/2012:

“European standards” that are laid down on the Commission’s request, aimed at the implementation of the harmonisation legislation of the Union.”

The harmonisation legislation is aimed at the standardisation of laws and rules within the entire European Union. The (harmonised) standards which the product must comply with, are therefore equal in the whole EU. However, the implementation of these harmonised standards is done on a voluntary basis.

Ever since the CE standards were introduced in the beginning of the ‘90’s, thousands of standards have been published. It is therefore often complicated to determine the correct standard(s) that is applicable to a product. Our specialists will be able to assist you in establishing the relevant standards. Based on a number of fundamental information, such as a photograph, general technical specifications and a description of the intended use, we will establish the relevant standard for your product and present you with an offer for the CE standard.

Based on the procedure that is to be followed, we will calculate the investment costs for a CE conformity procedure. Our aim is to send you a price quote within 24 hours.

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