Is CE a quality mark?


The term CE often refers to a CE marking or a CE standard. These terms are equivalent to CE quality mark, CE attestation or a CE approval. All these terms serve as an indication of a product’s compliance with the product safety legislation of the European Union, and therefore this product is allowed to be placed on the market within the EU. This does not mean, however, that a CE marking can and may serve as proof, it is merely an indication.

Above all, a CE marking is not regarded as a quality mark. Still, a CE marking or CE standard is often referred to as a CE quality mark. This is because the manufacturer or supplier who affixes the CE marking to the product, only proceeds to this action when he or she is of the opinion that the product complies with the European legislation. Not all products are subject to CE marking before being placed on the EU market. There are various product groups, however, where a CE marking is mandatory.

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