How much does CE certification cost?


The costs for CE certification or CE marking depend on the type of product category. You can file requests for CE certification for various product categories with different types of conformity procedures. This means that the costs of your CE certification depend on your product category and the associated conformity procedure, and therefore there is no fixed rate for CE certification.

You can always request a price indication completely free of charge. Our experts will then aim to offer you a price quotation of the complete costs of the CE certification within 24 hours. You will then receive the exact rate of the CE marking.

Which documents are required for CE certification?

  • (commercial) brochure of the product, including clear high resolution pictures (if possible from different angles);
  • general product description (including its intended use, principles of operation and intended users);
  • general technical specifications;
  • copy of the User’s manual;

If available:

  • design and manufacturing drawings;
  • list of the product configurations/variants that are intended to be made available on the EU market;
  • list of applied harmonised legislation regarding CE certification;
  • test reports and/or safety assessments;
  • documentation on risk assessment.

Please feel free to request a quote for your CE certification.

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