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Product Certification for Peoples Republic of China

Most products which are exported to China must comply to specific national and international certification requirements before they can be used and traded within China.

Within the Peoples Republic of China there are specific requirements for all kind of products (household and industrial). These products must comply with the China Compulsory Certification (CCC). The CCC applies among other to the following product categories:

  • Electrical wires and cables
  • Circuit switches, electric devices for protection or connection
  • Low-voltage Electrical Apparatus
  • Electrical and electronic apparatus
  • Low power motors
  • Electric tools
  • Welding machines
  • Household and similar electrical appliances
  • Audio and video apparatus (not including the audio apparatus for broadcasting service and automobiles)
  • Information technology equipments
  • Lighting apparatus (not including the lighting apparatus with the voltage lower than 36V)
  • Telecommunication Terminal equipment
  • Motor vehicles
  • Motor vehicle Tires
  • Safety Glasses
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Latex Products
  • Medical Devices
  • Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Safety Protection Products
  • Home Decor and Remodeling Products
  • Safety Parts and Accessories of Vehicles and Motorcycles
  • Toy Products
  • IT Products

What can we offer you?

Certification Company is specialised in conducting product conformity trajectories to ensure that a product complies to mandatory or voluntary requirements of China. The services we provide:

  • Classification of product to determine to which specific requirements products must comply;
  • Conduction complete CCC conformity trajectories;
  • Determination which national and international standards apply to the product;
  • Determination responsibilities for manufacturers, importers and distributors;
  • Conduction and verification of Risk Assessments;
  • Product CCC conformity testing (also on-site);
  • Compile and verify Technical Files including User Instructions;
  • Compile and verify packaging, markings and warnings.

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CCC Certification

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