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Industrial equipment and products used as work tools in a work or professional environment are covered by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (OSHA/CCOHS).) Consumer products are covered by the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA). Voluntary product standards are established by parties such as the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

Is CSA certification mandatory in Canada?

Affixing a CSA marking is not mandatory in Canada. CSA is often mistaken for the equivalent of the marking known in the European Union as the CE marking. However, the CSA marking is not legally required but a voluntary certification.

Products must be in compliance with the applicable federal legislation, such as e.g. OSHA, before they are placed on the market and/or put into service.

What is OSHA certification?

Certification procedures in Canada are carried out in accordance with product standards that are usually established by (non-profit) organizations such as the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) or Underwriters Laboratories (UL). The product standards definethe design requirements applicable to the products.

Product safety testing

In the case of a product safety testing , a product is subjected to a test and assessed by an NRTL in accordance with the applicable, prevailing standard(s).

Offer / Labeling

After an NRTL has assessed a product,, combined with a Follow Up Service (FUS), meaning that this NRTL will periodically audit and check the production process of the particular product, the NRTL authorizes the manufacturer to affix the logo of the particular NRTL to the product.

Examples of logos of OSHA-approved NRTLs

Limited production certification (LPC)

In some cases, the production process is only audited for a limited period of time or for a limited production. In that case a Limited Production Certification (LPC) will be initiated. After an LPC certification procedure has been carried out, the NRTL authorizes the manufacturer to affix the logo of the particular NRTL to the product for a limited period of time and/or serial production.

Special inspection

In particular for unit verifications, it is possible to perform Special Inspection (SE). Special Inspection includes the assessment of the design of one single product by an NRTL in accordance with an applicable product standard. Considering that this is a unit verification, the conformity relates only to the assessed product. During a Special Inspection it is allowed to deviate from certain aspects of the applicable standard, provided that safety remains guaranteed. This will be examined by this particular NRTL auditor/inspector . After a Special Inspection the NRTL authorizes the manufacturer to affix the specific Special Inspection logo of this particular NRTL to the product.

Examples of Special Insection Labels

ICES certification

Electrical and electronic products susceptible to (unwanted) electronic emissions or electromagnetic interference must meet the requirements of the Dept of Communications within Canada. The applicable requirements are defined by the ICES.

How can we help you?

Certification Company specializes in conducting product conformity assessment procedures to determine whether a product meets all the requirements of Canada. Our services include:

  • Classify products to determine the applicable federal legislation;
  • Carry out complete OSHA &  FCC conformity tests;
  • Perform voluntary certification procedures (CSA, TÜV, SGS, Intertek);
  • Identify the applicable national (ANSI) and international standards (IEC) standards;
  • Establish the marketing roles for economic operators, such as manufacturers, importers and distributors;
  • Perform and verify product risk analyses;
  • Perform and verify product conformity tests (including on-site);
  • Compile and verify Technical Documentation including instruction manuals;
  • Verify packaging of products in accordance with the applicable requirements.

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