RCM – the marking for Australia

Before electrical/electronic and/or radio equipment can be placed on the market or put into service on the Australian and / or New Zealand market, the RCM certification procedure must be carried out after which an RCM marking can be affixed to the product. By affixing a Regulatory Compliance Marking (RCM) the manufacturer affirms compliance of his product with all the applicable legal and technical requirements of AMCA.

The RCM certification procedure consists of six steps:

  • Step 1: Identify and classify the product in accordance with the RCM product regulations;
  • Step 2: Carry out product testing or determine compliance based on existing test reports;
  • Step 3: Compile and verify the necessary technical and administrative documentation, and draw up the Declaration of Conformity;
  • Step 4: Assign a local authorized representative, based in Australia and New Zealand;
  • Step 5: Register the product in the Electrical Equipment Safety System (EESS) database;
  • Step 6: Affix the RCM marking

How can we help you?

Our safety specialists at Certification Company have the skills and expertise at their disposal in regard to International Certification, and therefore also in regard to the Australasian market. Our experts have the necessary expertise and experience regarding the specific conformity assessment procedure applicable for entering the relevant global markets. For the purpose of entering the Australasian market we offer you the following service package:

  • Carry out classification in order to establish the legal and technical requirements;
  • Perform (or outsource) product tests or assessments based on existing test reports;
  • Identification and assessment of technical and administrative documentation;
  • Provide consultancy services and management in regard to the RCM conformity procedure;
  • Provide advice in regard to the designation of a local authorized representative as well as registration in EESS;
  • Provide advice on affixing the RCM marking.

What are the costs of RCM certification?

The costs of RCM certification depend on the product classification, the corresponding risk category, any existing certifications (e.g. CE marking), and other relevant factors. Are you interested in obtaining an RCM marking? Please feel free to send us a quote request for the necessary certification procedure.

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