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Product Certification for Australia

All Tele- and radio-communications, electrical/electronic products that are sold in Australia must comply with ACMA regulatory requirements. Till March 2016 there were different compliance labels: A-tick and C-tick. Products that were labelled with A-tick or C-tick prior to 1 March 2016 can continue to be supplied until labelled stock has been exhausted. For other products there is RCM required.

RCM – Regulatory Compliance Mark that replaces A-tick and C-tick compliance marks. It is a visible indication of a product’s compliance with all applicable ACMA regulatory arrangements, including all technical and record-keeping requirements. RCM has to be applied to a product before the product is supplied to the Australian market. It is the responsibility of the supplier to ensure that a compliance label is correctly applied to each product. However, a supplier can give permission to a third party, including an agent, to apply the label.

What can we offer?

Certification Company is an expert in International Certification, also for the Australian market. Our experts understand the uniqueness of entering each country and offer services based on the regulatory requirements of that country. For entering Australian market the service package is following:

  • Identification the applicable labelling notice
  • Identification the applicable technical standards and testing requirements
  • Product conformity testing
  • Verifying and drafting Declaration of Conformity
  • Providing instructions regarding ‘responsible supplier’
  • Assistance with labelling the product by RCM

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