International Certification

Certification Company is specialized in providing consultancy and guidance to manufacturers, importers and distributors in regard to global market access. We perform product certifications in the following sales areas:

  • United States of America (NRTL listings (UL), Field Evaluations and (FCC);
  • Eurasian Economic Union, among others, Russia (EAC);
  • Canada (CSA, Special Inspections and ISED).

Besides performing product certification procedures for the abovementioned international sales areas, we provide consultancy services and guidance in regard to all other types of product certifications (among others RCM certification for Australia & New Zealand, CCC certification for China, MIC certification for Japan, and the G-mark for the Gulf Member States), as well as in regard to ISO certifications (ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 27001).

Is your sales area not on the list, or would you like to receive more information regarding a specific requirement? Certification Company has a (continuously growing) database of information on product requirements at its disposal, enabling us to provide you with a satisfactory answer to your question. At your request we classify your product, in order to analyze the necessary requirements, actions to be taken, certification costs and the lead time in regard to a certification procedure. For the purpose of performing this classification we collaborate with a worldwide network of partners, consisting of, e.g. regulatory specialists, test laboratories and government agencies.

Our services with regard to global market access include:

  • Conduct a national and market assessment of the legal certification requirements (regulatory requirements);
  • Provide consultancy services and management in regard to certification procedures (conformity assessment);
  • Coordinate and plan testing procedures (product testing);
  • Complete and submit approval applications for certification (application and submission);
  • Translate (technical) documentation;
  • Assess label, marking and safety warnings.

Certification Company: your partner for global market access.

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