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CE marking Radio Equipment (RED 2014/35/EU)

The Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU (prior: 1999/9/EC)

The Radio Equipment Directive applies to electrical and electronic  equipment that transmit and/or receive the radio waves. Examples of the radio equipment are as follow: TV, mobile phones, wireless bluetooth and wi-fi equipment, Internet of Things (IoT) equipment.

Radio equipment should be designed in such a way to:

  • comply with the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive, except for the voltage limits;
  • carry an appropriate level of electromagnetic compatibility descriibed in the EMC Directive;
  • effective and efficient use of the radio spectrum.

CE marking radio equipmentFor the certain radio equipment additional requirements are mentioned in the Directive. These concern to universal charges, equipment that contains protections to secure personal data and privacy, and equipment which guarantees access to emergency services. The additional requirements will be set by the European Commission (in the near future).

By affixing  the CE marking on radio equipment the manufacturer or importer declares that the product meets the essential requirements of the Radio Equipment Directive 2014/35/EU. All radio equipment bearing the CE mark can be traded freely within EEA-area.

The Radio Equipment Directive does not apply to:

  • radio equipment used by radio amateurs;
  • marine equipment (see Directive 2014/90/EU);
  • airborneproducts, parts and appliances (see Regulation (EC) nr. 216/2008);
  • custom-built evaluation kits;
  • radio equipment used for public security, defense and State security.

How can Certification Company help you?

Certification Company performs comple CE marking for radio equipment in accordance with the Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU. In addition to complete CE certification you can contact us for the following services:

  • Product classification to determine relevant requirements;
  • Product conformity testing based on European (harmonized) standards;
  • Selection and guidance with a Notified Body (if applicable);
  • Drafting and assessing Technical Dossier;
  • Drafting and checking user instructions and labels;
  • Verifying and compiling an EU Declarartion of Conformity;
  • Instructions for affixing the CE marking on radio equipment;

Six steps of CE marking radio equipment (RED)

The Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU contains the legal obligations for each type of economic operators (manufacturer, importer, distributor). The following step-by-step plan has been drawn up for the manufacturer.

  1. Product classification: defining whether the product falls into the scope of the Radio Equipment Directive and classification of the radio equipment based on established criteria.
  2. Economic operator classification: defining the role of economic operator within the Radio Equipment Directive.
  3. Conformity procedure: can be divided into the following parts:
    • Perform product testing and/or safety assessment based on European harmonized standards;
    • Draw up the procedures to ensure the conformity of series production;
    • Provide identification element of the product and the economic operator;
    • Provide user instructions and safety information;
    • Develop procedures for taking corrective measures.
  1. Technical Files: drawing up the Technical Files (including User Manual) based on which the product conformity can be assessed.
  2. EU Declaration of Conformity: drafting the EU Declaration of Conformity, showing that radio equipment complies with CE legislation.
  3. CE marking: as soon as the product complies with the Radio Equipment Directive and related standards, the CE marking will be affixed.

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CE marking radio equipment

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