Construction Products Regulation 305/2011

The European Construction Products Regulation 305/2011 (CPR) defines the regulations that must be upheld by manufacturers, importers and distributors in regard to placing construction products on the market and/or putting these into use within Europe, as well as in regard to the use of the CE marking. A construction product must comply with fundamental performance characteristics which consist of the following basic requirements:

  • mechanical resistance and stability;
  • safety in case of fire;
  • hygiene, health and the environment;
  • safety and accessibility in use;
  • protection against noise pollution;
  • energy economy and heat retention ;
  • sustainable use of natural resources.

These requirements have been elaborated in technical specifications: European Harmonised Standards or European Assessment Documents (EAD). The determined performances will be included in a Declaration of Performance (DoP) and affixed to the construction product together with the CE marking. In addition to assessing performance, the manufacturer must implement and maintain an Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance (AVCP) system, also known as a production control system .

Only manufacturers of construction products covered by a technical specification are required to affix a CE marking on their product and draw up a Declaration of Performance . This is not mandatory for manufacturers of other construction products. They may choose to carry out the CE certification procedure voluntarily by means of a European Technical Assessment (ETB).

Construction Products Regulation 305/2011

Characteristics in harmonised technical specifications with regard to the basic requirements for construction works.

CE marking on construction products - Our Expertise

Certification Company has a team of experts who can fully perform the entire CE certification procedure of your construction product(s) on your behalf. Our specialists are TÜV-certified, accredited safety experts and are capable of performing a full conformity assessment procedure in accordance with the Construction Products Regulation and any other applicable CE product regulations. In order to carry out the certification procedure, , we only work with accredited test laboratories and Notified Bodies (NoBo's). You can rest assured that your construction product will be assessed professionally and impartially for the purpose of placing it legally approved on the market.

Product classification

Classification of your construction product to determine whether it falls within the scope of the Construction Products Regulation and whether CE marking is required

Tests and assessments

Carry out tests, measurements and assessments to determine the relevant performance

Production control system

Establish and implement production control system (AVCP)

Technical Files

File management for your Techical Documentation

Declaration of Performance (DoP)

Draw up Declaration of Performance (DoP)

CE marking

Advice on affixing the CE marking and performance characteristics to construction products and specifying these on accompanying documents

European Technical Assessment (ETB)

Full advice on the implementation of voluntary CE marking procedures by means of European Technical Assessment (ETB)

Six Steps to CE marking Construction products

01Construction Product classification

Determine whether the construction product falls within the scope of the Construction Products Regulation, European harmonised standard or a European assessment document.

02Classification of European harmonised standards

Determine whether the product is covered by a European harmonized standard or whether there is a European technical assessment.

03Conformity assessment procedure

Assessment of the relevant performances against the European harmonized standard or European technical assessment established in step 2.

04Technical Documentation

Draw up or verify the Technical File containing the assessment and verification of the performance(s) as well as the performance constancy.

05Declaration of Performance

Draw up the Declaration of Performance containing complete information on the manufacturer, the construction product, the applied production control system and the determined performance

06CE marking

Provide instructions for affixing the CE marking in accordance with the requirements of the Construction Products Regulation 305/2011.

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