CE Certification

What is CE certification?

CE certification (also referred to as CE conformity assessment procedure) of a (non-food) product is a process that (after its completion) affirms the right to affix a CE marking to this (non-food) product. By affixing the CE marking a manufacturer indicates that his product complies with the relevant European product legislation, in regard to safety, health and environment. Before affixing the CE marking, the manufacturer carries out a conformity assessment, compiles the technical documentation, and draws up an EU Declaration of Conformity.

CE marking in six steps

The CE conformity assessment procedure consists of 6 steps:

  1. choose your role as economic operator (manufacturer, Authorized Representative, distributor, fulfilment service provider);
  2. identify the applicable EU product directives;
  3. perform a risk analysis and identify the essential safety requirements and relevant European (harmonised) standards;
  4. carry out the conformity assessment procedure (product tests, verifications, inspections);
  5. compile the Technical Documentation (including safety information, such as instruction manual, labels and marking), and have it assessed, if necessary, by a Notified Body;
  6. draw up an EU Declaration of Conformity and affix the CE mark.

Certification Company is capable of carrying out (and, if necessary, partially outsourcing) the entire conformity assessment procedure on your behalf. We are particularly specialized in performing the CE marking procedure for the following product groups:

  • Construction Products (CPR);
  • Pressure Equipment (PED);
  • Electrical Equipment (domestic and industrial (EMC & LVD);
  • Machinery and Installations (MD);
  • Machinery in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX);
  • Medical Devices (MD);
  • Other consumer products;
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE);
  • Radio Equipment (RED);
  • Restriction on the Use of Certain Substances (RoHS);
  • Toys.

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