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Certification Company has a team of qualified specialists in regard to European (CE) & International Product certification. We perform tests, carry out inspections, certification procedures and provide consultancy services.

Certification Company is above all an expertise hub when it comes to product . The company is characterized by its multidisciplinary collaboration of legal, technical and regulatory specialists.

We provide manufacturers, importers and distributors with maximum support when they enter European and global markets, by carrying out various European (CE marking) and international product certification procedures on your behalf, such as the EAC (Russian Federation), CSA (Canada) and UL (United States). Besides full conformity assessment procedures, we offer consultancy services on a range of issues concerning the application and implementation of relevant product regulations. In this regard we offer economic operators advice on conflicts with market regulators.

Certification Company is situated in Almere (the Netherlands) and has a global network of partners in more than 20 countries. Our team is supported by various partnerships with testing laboratories, safety experts and Notified Bodies. Thanks to our extensive network you can rest assured that the safety of your product is always assessed by the best professionals.

Our vision

Due to an enormous increase of more complex national, European and international product regulations, regulatory compliance has evolved into a discipline. Failure or incomplete compliance with regulatory obligations therefore has turned into a full-fledged business risk that cannot be ignored by a company with an eye to the future.

Considering its role as an expertise hub for product regulations, Certification Company aspires to provide excellent consultancy services in order to perform trouble-free certification procedures for all economic operators. Based on practical support and targeted solutions we support companies by carrying out correct, concrete and practical product certification procedures. In this manner we contribute globally to qualitatively better and safer products.

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